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WISE BARBECUE COMPANY brings the revered institution of traditional Texas meat markets to Los Angeles CA!!!

FIND WOODY IN THIS PIC!!! Barbecue Brisket - Pulled Pork - Ribs - Loin - All BBQ meats smoked with oak wood fire and available daily on our Food Truck in Los Angeles.

Woody Wise was taught by his Rodeo Cowboy father Jack Wise.

Smokehouse style and traditional butcher standards are a family tradition. Woody now brings his 4th generation authentic Texas barbecue meats to you.

USDA PRIME Barbecue Brisket – Pulled Pork – Ribs – Loin – All BBQ meats smoked with a real oak wood fire on our indirect heat smoker and served up daily on our Food Truck in Los Angeles.

Woody Wise worked at spring creek BBQ in Bedford TX at the young age of 15 trimming and preparing thousands of pounds of meat a week. The rodeos and cowboy barbecue parties growing up were the perfect experience to help out with large catered barbecue events.

That was all 20 years ago and since then Woody has mastered the technique and is firing up his smokers 6 days a week on the streets of Los Angeles bringing only authentic Texas barbecue meats to you.

All of our barbeque meats are available as sandwiches, plates or by the pound just like traditional Texas meat markets.




  • Central Texas style sliced BEEF BRISKET with crispy black pepper crust
  • Chopped BEEF BRISKET, same as above just chopped with a little sauce
  • Texas style PORK SPARE RIBS with a salt and pepper dry rub, and a sweet finish
  • RIB TIPS pork spare rib tips glazed with our sauce
  • SMOKED and PULLED CHICKEN. Half and half dark and white pulled and dusted with our rub.
  • SAUSAGE . Different craft sausages daily, check the board for daily selection
  • PULLED PORK shoulder is slow smoked with a more sweet than spicy rub, pulled to order drizzled with honey and sauced. Try slaw on your sandwich for a special treat.

Find the WISE BARBECUE FOOD TRUCK in Los Angeles CA or contact us about catered events. Free Delivery on all orders over $100 within the city of Los Angeles (order must be placed 48 hrs. in advance).

Brisket Sausage Pulled Pork

Barbeque Beef Brisket – Chopped Beef – Pulled Pork – Ribs – Loin – Sausage – Chicken – Homemade Cole Slaw – Homemade Mac and Cheese – Homemade Potato Salad – Cowboy Pinto Beans – BBQ – Barbecue Food Truck – Los Angeles

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